Ever since the rise of the internet and more recently social media in particular, people and organizations have struggled with maintaining a positive online reputation due to things they are actually responsible for and many other times total fallacies spread online to cause damage (negative reviews from competitors, fake news, etc.).

Having spent the past 10+ years getting frantic calls for help from large organizations when social media issues spiral out of control, then using very limiting social media analytics/monitoring tools on the market to try and make sense of everything, the need for improved technologies was very clear to me. In particular, solutions that go above and beyond looking at simple combinations of keywords or trillions of data points that have a tendency to produce results with false positives/negatives.

As a real-world example that relates to a global food chain trying to manage their reputation on social media, imagine the drastic difference in meaning between “this chicken is shit” versus “this chicken is the shit” – one extra word adds a totally different meaning, sentiment, etc. Now think about looking at tens or hundreds of thousands of conversations taking place on a regular basis and trying to make sense of everything (good luck!). That’s where artificial intelligence (AI), namely deep learning, comes into play.

By building a revolutionary social media analytics and monitoring platform that uses deep learning we were able to solve many of the problems in the industry by digging much deeper than combinations of keywords to produce far more accurate insights with little to no human intervention. The days of manually skimming through tons of “alerts” to hopefully discover what matters are over, and we hand-deliver what matters when it matters.

Though our platform is currently being used for a wide variety of purposes ranging from discovering insights for product development to social media market research and more, it’s also a powerful solution that solves many of the challenges that come with social media brand reputation management.

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