We are living in a world where social media threats have wreaked havoc on organizations ranging from school districts to Fortune 100 companies, and unfortunately corporate security teams are not prepared for what’s to come. However, they must be.

Social media threats aimed at companies come in many forms with some focused on disrupting operations or divulging confidential information while others are intent on producing physical harm. Whatever the case may be, threats expressed on social networks are a serious matter and corporate security teams can’t always rely on in-house resources to effectively identify, assess and counter such threats.

In 2016 and beyond, more and more corporate security teams will integrate social media threat intelligence into their repertoire and often times they’ll need to bring in consulting teams with expertise in social media threats as well as implement technologies to better understand threats. The days of using tools purpose-built for marketing to monitor social media threats are long gone, and have proven ineffective. Now the times are changing.

Up until this point social media threat assessment has been on the minds of security executives, but a clear and effective roadmap to improved security using social media intelligence has been hard to achieve primarily due to social media resembling a foreign language to a majority of security teams and law enforcement personnel.

Soteria Intelligence is on a mission to help corporate security teams improve their capabilities by offering guidance from industry-recognized experts on social media threats with a tried and true track record as well as powerful monitoring solutions. For more information, CONTACT US today.