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Our patented artificial intelligence platform analyzes billions of data points to paint a picture of what’s important to you.   

Boost Revenue

Use our technologies to uncover a social media world you never knew existed, and do it over 100x quicker than any human possibly could.


Discover Trends

Software that learns about your business and goals then continues to become more intelligent and effective over time.

Reputation Management

No need to download software or worry about operating systems, all of our solutions live on the cloud.

Market Research

Social media analytics tools are often plagued with false positives, but we allow users to flag content as such. This “supervised learning” approach stops false positives from recurring to ensure you get the insights you want without excess baggage.

Risk Management

Using a wide variety of data points tied together with proprietary algorithms, our software offers an easy way to prioritize and visualize alerts while also removing white noise.

Influencer Marketing

We provide a modular interface that allows users to select exactly what they want to see on their screens, which is perfect for large marketing teams that split tasks or others with very specific roles.

Billions of Data Points

Fuse billions of data points from social media, blogs, news articles, radio, television and other data sources to understand the big picture.


Humans in the Loop

Harness the expertise of your team to create powerful, intelligent deep learning that continue to learn and become more accurate over time.


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What is the Metaverse and What’s Next?

The world is a wild place today ranging from cryptocurrency creating waves to the concept of a Metaverse taking over, which is an ingenious step towards fusing data to create new, supernatural experiences.  When it comes to the Metaverse, ranging from understanding...

Instagram Tests New Story Algorithm, Influencers Losing Traction & Views

Over the past 3-5 days we’ve noticed a significant decrease in story views on our accounts as well as clients, and had a feeling Instagram was up to something, so we launched tests to gauge what exactly is going on. We first created models in our platform aimed at...

Social Media Trend: Eating at the Worst Reviewed Restaurant in My City

Since day one food has been one of the hottest topics on social media ranging from photos of epic seafood feasts going viral to catchy, colorful foods like bagels and the iconic Unicorn Frappuccino from Starbucks blowing up the internet. However, there’s a new trend...

Nvidia Uses Dash Cams and Deep Learning to Create Virtual Cities

The days of relying on artists and developers spending months to develop virtual worlds for games, AR/VR and other purposes may be coming to an end: At the NeurIPS artificial intelligence conference in Montreal last week Nvidia showcased their ability to use deep...

Improving Customer Experiences Using Social Media: 3 Tips

We are living in a world where social media reigns king and the experiences customers have – whether good or bad – are immediately voiced on social networks and therefore have a tremendous impact on brands which leaves companies searching for ways to improve customer...

Social Media Monitoring for the Food Industry: The Value of Automated Alerts

Just as the sun rises in the morning and sets in the afternoon, businesses open shop and close at the end of the day, but when it comes to the food industry people feast on all sorts of goodies 24/7, and because of that the lights are always on. However, many food...

Calabasas and Hidden Hills: The Social Media Influencer Hub

When most people think of celebrities, social media influencers and the entertainment scene in general Los Angeles proper comes to mind, but in recent years Calabasas and Hidden Hills have become magical destinations attracting influencers from around the world for a...

Digital Customer Experience Management: AI is the Future

One of the most effective ways businesses have leveraged advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) to drive value has been in the customer experience (CX) space by using technology to improve customer relations, identify potential customer service issues before...

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Humans? Let’s Explore

The concept of artificial intelligence humanoids taking over the world has been a recurring theme in science fiction movies for decades, and with recent advancements in AI, particularly deep learning, the fears are becoming even more real. But should we be scared?...

Social Media Reputation Management: Our Deep Learning (AI) Solutions

Ever since the rise of the internet and more recently social media in particular, people and organizations have struggled with maintaining a positive online reputation due to things they are actually responsible for and many other times total fallacies spread online...