We deliver cutting edge social media analytics and digital customer experience (DCX) solutions powered by deep learning that allow agencies and internal teams to discover what matters, when it matters. Let’s connect to explore the ways our technologies can help your business.

Actionable Social Media Insights

Our technologies allow organizations to tap into social media insights in near real-time so you get the information you need, when you need it, without excess white noise. Let us find the needles in haystacks, neatly package the results and deliver them to you.

Over 100x Faster Than Humanly Possible

Trying to make sense of millions of conversations taking place everyday is a daunting task, so we use Natural Language Processing (NLP), image recognition and other forms of deep learning to analyze social media better and quicker than any human could.

Digital Customer Experience Ecosystems

Create digital customer experience ecosystems that listen and learn from all of your surroundings — social media, blogs, forums, website inquiries, etc. — to provide a more holistic view of your organization and ultimately deliver better customer experiences.

Visualize Your Priorities

Explore a variety of ways to visualize your data in our platform ranging from having a near real-time pulse on company sentiment to being able to show the highest priority alerts, which allows users to identify and respond to them right away.

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