Lester S. Briney

Lester S. Briney


Lester S. Briney is an engineering and business executive with a diverse background that includes hardware, software, large network design/development, business development, and sales. He serves on Soteria Intelligence’s Board of Directors.

Mr. Briney has over 40 years of experience in leading the development of state-of-the-art products for industry-leading companies like IBM, Prodigy, SystemSoft, Electronic Retailing Systems, and Boxlot. During his 16 years at IBM he rose through a series of research, development, sales, and management positions.

Mr. Briney joined Path 1 Network Technologies from United Technologies Systems and Services (UTSAS), where he was a Vice President. While at UTSAS, he was responsible for the design and installation of high-speed, fiber-based hubs. Prior to UTSAS, Mr. Briney served as the Chief Technology Officer at BoxLot.com in San Diego, CA, where he was responsible for the development of a new variable pricing software application, which was ultimately acquired by Infospace.

He also spent ten years at Prodigy Services Company, where he was the chief architect of the entire Prodigy system. Mr. Briney serves as a Director of S2M America and as a Member of Board of Advisors at Children’s Educational Network, Inc. He received a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley.